Scientific name of Neem | Botanical name of Neem and family

The Scientific name / Botanical name of NeemAzadirachta indica

Family – Mahogany family (Meliaceae)

Native or Origine – Indian subcontinent (This neem tree is found in almost all the dry regions of South Asia.)

Common name – It is known by different names in different regions like – Nim, Nimtree, Margosa, Indian lilac, Dogoyaro, or Dogonyaro (in Nigeria)

The useful part of Neem – Almost all parts of neem are used like – Leaves, Twigs or Wood, Bark., Fruit (barry), and flowers.

Scientific name of Neem

Usefulness – This tree or plant is a wonderful medicinal tree, which has been used in Ayurveda since time immemorial. It contains a type of chemical which is known as Azadirachtin.

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What is the order of neem?


What is the botanical name of neem?

Azadirachta indica (You can also find in the scientific name of neem)

What is the name of neem in English?

Azadirachta indica

For more information on Neem, you can also visit Wikipedia.

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