Scientific name of Papaya (Papita) with family

The scientific name is Carica papaya

(Note: also called the Botanical name of Papaya.)

Family: Caricaceae

Common names: Papaw, Pawpaw, Tree Melon, Papita, Papaya, Awathabi, Papayer (French), Mummy Apple (Holland), Kates.

Native: Mexico and Central America.

Papaya: Papaya is a type of berry that lives for more than one year, is delicious and is rich in vitamins. It is tall and stems like a palm tree without branches. Which is the main source of a chemical called papain. Apart from this vegetable, other dishes like marmalade, pickle, etc. are prepared. and it is best for good health.

Parts to be used: Fruit (Raw and ripe fruits are used. Raw papaya is made a vegetable and the ripe fruit is eaten directly). The papain, leaves, and seeds obtained from it are also used medicinally.

Main uses of papaya: Vegetable, salad, juise and marmalade.

papaya in hindi: Papita.

Papaya color: Papaya is green in its raw state but turns yellow or golden when ripe. And the color of its mesocarp (eating part) becomes pinkish-yellow.

Plant description of Papaya

Plant type: Papaya tree is more than 8 meters tall. Some hybrid varieties of papaya, taking a height of 2 to 3 meters, are without branches or even negligible. Its stem and wood are usually soft rather than hard.

Leave Type: The papaya leaf is attached to a hollow long stem in the shape of an umbrella on the top side of the tree, measuring 2 – 4 feet in length.

Root type: Its roots are rich in its tufted supporting roots.

Fruit type: Papaya fruit is Delicious and Loaded With Nutrients berry type.

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Seed type: Well-pollinated seeds are black pepper-sized and have 600 or more in one fruit.

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