List of Plants that Grow from Cuttings

Hello friends, You are warmly welcomed in our post. Are you prepared to increase your gardening abilities? This thorough instruction will delve into the intriguing world of plant-cutting propagation. Knowing which plants can grow from cuttings is a useful skill, whether you are an experienced horticulturist or a novice with a green thumb. Join us … Read more

What is the scientific name of rice? | Family of rice

Scientific Name of Rice: Oryza sativa Family: Poaceae or Gramineae (also called Grasses or grass family) Common Name: Rice, Paddy, Dhaan (Hindi) History: Rice has a long history of cultivation, believed to have originated in Asia thousands of years ago. It has been a staple food for many civilizations and continues to be a major … Read more

Mulberry tree । What is the scientific name of mulberry tree?


Mulberry: Mulberry is a term that can refer to multiple things. Here are a few common uses of the term: These are just a few examples of how the term “mulberry” is commonly used. If you have a specific context or question related to mulberry, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to provide … Read more

10 loose flowers name and their botanical name 

Loose Flowers: The flower which is cut the stalk and leafless, which has an only flower is called loose flower. Like – marigold, moonshine, caner, jasmine, shoe flower, desi rose, Bedding Dahlia, etc. flowers. This type of flower is used for garland and decoration. Some flower which is cut along with their twig and leaf … Read more

Minor forest produce list with Botanical Name and Family

Minor Forest Produce: Obtained from forests, other than thick and hardwood (non-wood), other fruits, flowers, seeds, tubers, leaves, bark, etc. (including bamboo and other grasses, etc.). Which is collected and sold by the local people as raw material for their food items and for the fulfillment of essential commodities for livelihood, is called minor forest … Read more

Scientific name of Frangipani (Plumeria) | Botanical name of Plumeria

The Scientific name of Frangipani (Plumeria): Plumeria sanalsp. Family: Apocynaceae The common name of frangipani: Nosegay, Plumeria, Pagoda tree, Temple tree, Hajari fool. Native: Mexico, Central America, and Venezuela Read more ….. Vegetables scientific name and family The scientific name of Goldfish Frangipani (Plumeria) is a medium-sized shrubby tree (sometimes up to 8–10 m tall, … Read more

Scientific name of Papaya (Papita) with family

The scientific name is Carica papaya (Note: also called the Botanical name of Papaya.) Family: Caricaceae Common names: Papaw, Pawpaw, Tree Melon, Papita, Papaya, Awathabi, Papayer (French), Mummy Apple (Holland), Kates. Native: Mexico and Central America. Papaya: Papaya is a type of berry that lives for more than one year, is delicious and is rich … Read more

Top 5 Vegetables scientific name and family । Botanical name of Solanaceae families vegetable

Here is information about vegetables from the Solanaceae family and their scientific name that are used every day in our kitchens. Therefore our kitchen is incomplete without these vegetables like tomatoes, brinjals, potatoes, chilies, etc. Many types of herbs are also found in this family. Due to the special characteristics of plants, they have been … Read more

The scientific name of garlic | Lahsun ka botanical or order name kya hai

The scientific name of Garlic: Allium sativum Family: Amaryllidaceae /Lilacaceae (Onion family) Native: Middle Asia, Central Asia, and West China. The common name of Garlic: garlic is known by different names in different areas, and you are being made aware of some names, such as Lahsun, Lahsan, Lassan, Naharu, and Cultivated Garlic. The edible part … Read more

Groww: Stocks and Mutual Fund Is tomato a fruit or vegetable What is the scientific name of mulberry tree? All vegetables name in English Vegetables scientific name and family
Groww: Stocks and Mutual Fund Is tomato a fruit or vegetable What is the scientific name of mulberry tree? All vegetables name in English Vegetables scientific name and family