The botanical name of bajra (Pearl millet)

Pearl millet (Bajra) is a widely used and widely grown crop as a cereal. Which has been easily grown and used as a food item since ancient times in the Indian subcontinent and the Sahel region of Africa. Apart from humans, it is also used for feed for animals and for fodder in the green state. Therefore, in this post, we have given information about the scientific name or Botanical name and family of Bajra.

Botanical name and family of bajra

botanical name of bajra

Name – Bajra (Pearl millet)

Pennisetum glaucum

Family of Bajra – Grass family (Poaceae or Gramineae)

Origin of Bajra – India or Africa.

Chromosome number of bajra – 2n = 2x = 14

It is well known that millets are a storehouse of nutrients. As the name suggests, it is also rich in calories, fiber, protein, fat, minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron), etc. Since it contains a good amount of fiber, it is digestible as well as keeps the heart healthy.

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What is English name of Bajra?

Pearl millet is the English name of Bajra.

What is Bajra family?

The family of Bajra belongs to the Grass family, but it is also known as Poaceae or Gramineae.

What is the other name of Bajra?

‘Sajje’, ‘Kambu’, ‘Bajeer’, ‘Gero’, “pearl millet”, Bajree, Spiked Millet, bulrush millet, babala, etc are the other common name of Bajra.

To know more about Bajra, you can go to the link of Wikipedia.

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