The botanical name of maize (corn) with family

Maize, also known as corn, is a coarse grain used as food in large parts of the world. Which is included in a variety of dishes and is also prepared in a single form. Along with this, it is also used as feed for animals and birds. Green fodder can also be obtained from this for the animals. But here the botanical name of maize and other information is being given.

Botanical name of maize

Name: Maize or Corn

The Botanical name: Zea mays. L

Family: Grass family (Poaceae or Gramineae)

Native: Central America and Mexico

Common name: Meiz, Mays, Galey, Makka, Makai, Bhutta, Jondara.

Chromosome number of maize: 2n = 20

Scientific classification of maize:

Scientific classification of maize crop has been done on the basis of its properties which are as follows.

Species:Z. mays

Types or  Subspecies of maize with botanical name:

Corn whose many types or species or subspecies are found. In the information of some of the main subspecies, we are giving their (maize) name and botanical name. Which you may or may not have ever heard of.

S.N.NameBotanical name
1Flour cornZea mays var. amylacea
2PopcornZea mays var. everta
3Dent corn Zea mays var. indentata
4Flint cornZea mays var. indurata
5Sweet cornZea mays var. saccharata and Zea mays var. rugosa
6Waxy cornZea mays ceratina Kulesh
7Pod cornZea mays tunicate Sturt
8Flint cornZea mays indurate Sturt

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Is maize a C4 crop?

Yes! maize is C4 crop.

Is maize a Monoecious plant?

Yes! Maize is a monoecious plant

Are corn plants C4?

Yes! corn or maize plant is C4 plant.

For more information about maize, you can also visit Wikipedia.

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