Hanuman sindoor plant botanical name ( Bixa orellana )

Hanuman sindoor plant botanical name

Bixa orellana plants is easily grown in many countries around the world. The tree, also known as the source of annatto, is derived from a natural orange-red color (also known as achiot or bijol) from the waxy artery that covers its seeds from all four sides.

Botanical Name – Bixa orellana

Family – Bixaceae

origin – region between northern South America and Mexico

Scientific classification

Kingdom:         Plantae

Clade:      Tracheophytes

Clade:      Angiosperms

Clade:      Eudicots

Clade:      Rosids

Order:      Malvales

Family:    Bixaceae

Genus:     Bixa

Species:   B. orellana

Binomial name

Bixa orellana



Bixa tinctaria Salisb.

Orellana orellana (L.) Kuntze

Bixa orleana Noronha

Bixa americana Poir.

Bixa purpurea Sweet

Bixa odorata Ruiz & Pav. ex G.Don

Bixa acuminata Bojer

Orellana americana (Poir.) Kuntze

Bixa upatensis Ram.Goyena

Bixa katangensis Delpierre

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