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Full form list all kinds – There are some big names which are difficult to speak and quite long which are difficult to pronounce. But sometimes it happens that we use that words colloquially but are completely ignorant of it.

SEO, Internet, It and Software Related

S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1SEOSearch Engine OptimizationSEO related
3SAPSystems, Applications & Products in Data ProcessingSoftware company
4HTTPHypertext Transfer ProtocolInternet or web. related
5HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol SecureInternet or web. related
6FTPFile Transfer ProtocolInternet or web. related
7DNSDomain Name SystemInternet or web. related
8wwwWorld Wide WebInternet or web. related
9PTPPicture Transfer ProtocolWindows related
10ITInformation technologyInformation technology
11SISystème International
(International System of Units)
System of measurement

Institute or Organisations, Board

S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyInstitute name
2DRDODefence Research and Development OrganisationOrganisation
3MSMEMicro, Small, and Medium EnterprisesMinistry of India
4FIBPForeign Investment Promotion BoardBoard
5L&TLarsen & Toubro Limitedcompny
6IRDAInsurance Regulatory and Development Authorityinsurance
agency controller
7HCLHindustan Computers Limitedcompany
8RRB Railway Recruitment BoardBoard
9LICLife Insurance Corporation of Indiainsurance agency

Tax related

S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1GSTGoods and Services TaxTax related
2IGSTIntegrated Goods and Service TaxTax related
3CGSTCentral Goods and Service TaxTax related
4SGSTState Goods and Service TaxTax related

Medical Science and general Science

S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1DNADeoxyribo Nucleic AcidMedical related
2IQ Intelligence QuotientMedical related
3PSIPound-force per square inchunit of pressure
4RNARibonucleic acidMedical related
5MCMenstrual Cycleperiods

Economic and Banking sectors

S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1GDPGross domestic productEconomic related
2ATMAutomated teller machineBanking related
3IMFInternational Monetary FundEconomic
4MRPMaximum Retail Price price

Education sectors

S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1BSCBachelor of ScienceEducation
2MSCMaster of ScienceEducation
3LKGLower KindergartenEducation
4UKGUpper KindergartenEducation
5ECEElectronics and Communications EngineeringEducation
6PGDCAPostgraduate Diploma in Computer ApplicationsEducation

Agriculture Sector

S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1NABARDNational Bank For Agriculture & Rural DevelopmentBank for agri.
2PHPotential of HydrogenAgri. related

Service in india

S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1IPSIndian Police ServicePolice service in india
2DSPDeputy Superintendent of PolicePolice service in india
3SSPSenior Superintendent of PolicePolice service in india
4ASPAdditional Superintendent of PolicePolice service in india
5DIGPDeputy Inspector General of PolicePolice service in india
6SDOSub Divisional OfficerService in india

Time related

S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1ETAEstimated Time of Arrivalarriving time
2AM and PMAM: Anti Meridiem,
PM: Post Meridiem
Timing Related
3GMTGreenwich Mean TimeTime Zone


S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1ISSNInternational Standard Serial NumberElectronic
2GMGeneral MotorsMotors


S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1TMCThousand Million Cubicunit
2RPMRevolutions Per MinuteUnit profile


S.N.Short FormFull FormCategory
1DNADaily News and AnalysisA TV program of India
2CVCurriculum vitaecourse of life
3OKOlla Kalla or Oll KorrectGeneral
4TBHTo Be HonestGeneral
5HRHuman resourcesworkforce of an organization
6MISManagement Information SystemManagement
7CCCarbon copyphotographic
8NOCNo Objection CertificateGeneral
9PSUPublic Sector UndertakingPublic Sector
10FYIFor Your InformationGeneral
11BAEBefore Anyone ElseGeneral
12TVSThirukkurungudi Vengaram SundramTVS group
13RDXRoyal Demolition eXplosiveeXplosive

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