Pudina botanical name, class, and order | Mint

Plant name: Pudina (Mint)

Botanical name: Mentha spp.

Family: Lamiaceae

The common species of Mint (Pudina)

Mint (Mentha) is a medicinal plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Many varieties are to be found all over the world, and some hybrid varieties have also been made. But only a few of those species are used. Some of these are good for our food items and some are also useful for medicinal purposes.

water mint, marsh mint. – Mentha aquatica L.

corn mint, wild mint, Japanese peppermint, field mint, banana mint – Mentha arvensis L.

Australian mint – Mentha australis R.Br.

Canada mint, American wild mint – Mentha canadensis L.

Hart’s pennyroyal – Mentha cervina L.

New Zealand mint – Mentha cunninghamii (Benth.) Benth.

Dahurian thyme – Mentha dahurica Fisch. ex Benth.

Apple mint, pineapple mint (a variegated cultivar of apple mint) – Mentha suaveolens Ehrh.

Spearmint, garden mint (a cultivar of spearmint) – Mentha spicata L.

Horse mint – Mentha longifolia (L.) L.

Forest mint – Mentha laxiflora Benth.

Makino – Mentha japonica (Miq.)

Slender mint – Mentha diemenica Spreng.

Corsican mint – Mentha requienii Benth.

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Scientific classification of Mint

KingdomPlantae (Plant)
SubkingdomTracheobionta (Vascular Plant)
Division Magnoliophyta
SuperdivisionSpermatohyta (Seed Plant)
PhylumAngiospermophyta (Flowering Plant)
ClassMagnoliopsida (Dicotyledon)
Family Lamiaceae (Mint Family)
GenusMentha (Mint)
SPECIES Mentha x piperita (Peppermint)

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