Sada suhagan Ka botanical name | Catharanthus roseus

Plant name – Sada suhagan

Botanical name – Catharanthus roseus

Family – Apocynaceae

Catharanthus roseus common name English – Bright eyes, Cape periwinkle, Graveyard plant, Madagascar periwinkle, Old maid, Pink periwinkle, Rose periwinkle, Pink Catharanthus roseus, Tiny Periwinkle, Vinca.

Common name of Catharanthus roseus in Hindi – Sadabahar, Barahmashi, sadaphuli, sada suhagan, Sadapushpa.

Catharanthus roseus is a flowering plant as well as a wonderful medicinal plant. Which is always green. Whose leaf, stem, flower, root, all parts are full of medicinal properties.

This plant is of many types but one is pink and the other is white, which is planted and used more.

Plant descriptions of sada suhagan (Catharanthus roseus) :

Flower – Its flower is pink, white, and other adorable colors with soft and five petals as shown in the photo above.

Leaf – Its leaves are soft, shiny with dark green color. The old leaves at the bottom are pelted and fall. Its size is usually small.

Stem – Its plant is soft and hard-stemmed with a length ranging from 1 fit to 4 feet. In which the flowers are always laden with subsidiary branches.

Seed – Its seeds are black and dark colors are often very small, which fall on their own and grow on their own.

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