Ramtil (Niger) ka Botanical name and classifications

Ramtil (Niger) ka Botanical name

Plant / Crop name – Ramtil (Niger)

Botanical name –

Guizotia abyssinica

Family – Asteraceae (Compositae)

Niger is a slender, more branching, and yellow-flowered seasonal plant of the Asteraceae family (Flower family) that is grown for its seeds from which oil is extracted, which is very effective.

Botanical name of Niger

Common name of Ramtil





Inga seed

Plant description of Ramtil (Nizer)

Plant – Its plant is 4 to 6 feet high, full of subsidiary branches. But in today’s time, its height remains only 1 to 3 feet. Its stem is soft and green in early stages, and black and hard in maturity. Then in the dry state, it is comparatively more rigid and darker black.

Flower – Its flower is yellow in color with 4 petals and is full of the pollen grain.

Leaf – Its leaves are conical green.

Seed – Its seeds are of small black color about 0.5 cm in size. From which oil is extracted and used.

Scientific classification of Niger (Ramtil)

Kingdom:  Plantae

Clade:     Angiosperms (flower plant group)

(unranked) :       Eudicots

(unranked) :       Asterids

Order:       Asterales

Family:      Asteraceae (Flower family)

Genus:       Guizotia

Species:     G. abyssinica

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