Family-based Botanical names of different plants

List of different types of plants based on family and their botanical names

This post of “Family-Based Botanical Names of Different Plants” lists a variety of plants with their (based on the family of plants) botanical name. That is, it is a list of different types of plants of the family and their botanical names. Which you will not need to find anywhere else.

Because many types of plants come from the same family. As the crops of vegetables such as bitter gourd, gourd, luffa, pumpkin, cucumber, etc. come under the family of Cucurbits.

Grass family (Poaceae)

Grass family plants are also known as Poaceae or Gramineae family. Almost all cereal crops fall under this family, which we use as food. It is known by the name of the family of grass that all the grasses that fall under this family belong to the following family.

S.N.NameBotanical nameCategory
1LemongrassCymbopogon citratusGrass
2BarleyHordeum vulgareGrain
3Black riceOryza Sativa LinnGrain
4Finger milletEleusine coracanaMillet’s
5Foxtail milletSetaria italicaMillet’s
6Japanese barnyard milletEchinochloa esculentaMillet’s
7Kodo milletPaspalum scrobiculatumMillet’s
8MaizeZea maysGrain, corn cob
9OatAvena sativaGrain
10Pearl milletPennisetum glaucumMillet’s
11Popcornzea mays var. evertaGrain, Popcorn, corn cob
12Proso milletPanicum miliaceumMillet’s
13Rice, PaddyOryza sativaGrain
14RyeSecale cerealeGrain
15SorghumSorghum bicolorGrain
16SpeltTriticum speltaGrain
17Sweet cornZea Mays var. saccharataGrain, corn cob
18WheatTriticum aestivumGrain
19Wild riceZizaniaGrain
20Dent cornZea mays var. indentatacorn cob
21Flint cornZea mays var. induratacorn cob
22Waxy cornZea mays var. ceratinacorn cob
23Pod cornZea mays var. tunicatacorn cob
24Khorasan wheatTriticum turanicumGrain
25EmmerTriticum dicocconGrain
26BambooBamboosa aridinarifoliaBamboo
27Pampas grassCortaderia selloanaGrass
28Scutch grass,
Dub ghans
Cynodon dactylonGrass
29Chinese silver grassMiscanthus sinensisGrass
30Tall fescueFestuca arundinaceaGrass
31Eremochloa ophiuroidesEremochloa ophiuroidesGrass
32Perennial ryegrassLolium perenneGrass
33Common couchElymus repensGrass
34Cat grassDactylis glomerataGrass
35Buffalo grassBouteloua dactyloidesGrass
36Muhly grassMuhlenbergia capillarisGrass
37Timothy-grassPhleum pratenseGrass
38PaspalumPaspalum notatumGrass
39Mexican feathergrassNassella tenuissimaGrass
40Feather reed grassCalamagrostis acutifloraGrass
41Augustine grassStenotaphrum secundatumGrass
42Blue fescueFestuca glaucaGrass
43Cogon grassImperata cylindricaGrass
44SwitchgrassPanicum virgatumGrass
45VetiverChrysopogon zizanioidesGrass
46Chinese fountain grassPennisetum alopecuroidesGrass
47Sweet GrassHierochloe odorataGrass
48Halfa grassDesmostachya bipinnataGrass
49Annual bluegrassPoa annuaGrass
50Reed canary grassPhalaris arundinaceaGrass

Legumes family / Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

Fabaceae called Leguminosae, or Legumes or two-leafy (seed is one but divided into two parts taking the form of a two-leaf at the time of germination, but not the cereal crops.) Also called family. Which is used as a pulse, is the same reason that it pulses family. And green manure crops also come under this family.

S.N.NameBotanical nameCategory
1Broad beanVicia fabaBeans
2Cluster bean / GuarCyamopsis tetragonolobaVegetable / Beans
3Cranberry beanPhaseolus vulgaris Cranberry GroupBeans
4Flat beanPhaseolus vulgaris ‘Helda’Beans
5Horse gramDolichos biffoeusPulses
6Lima beanPhaseolus limensisBeans
7Moth beanVigna aconitifoliaBeans
8Mung beanVigna radiataPulses / Beans
9Pea / Green PeaPisum sativumPulses
10Pigeon peaCajanus cajanPulses
11Pinto beanPhaseolus vulgaris Pinto GroupBeans
12Bean / French beanPhaseolus vulgarisBeans
13Black gramVigna mungoPulses
14Snow peaPisum sativum var. saccharatumPod / vegetable
15SoybeanGlycine maxoil seeds
16Ashoka treeSaraca asocaDecking tree
17Gum arabic treeVachellia niloticaGum tree
18Indian rosewoodDalbergia sissooEarthen wood
19Pongame oiltree / KaranjMillettia pinnataOil tree
20River tamarind / SubabulLeucaena leucocephalaTree
21LentilLens culinarisOil seeds
22Chickpea / GramCicer arietinumPulses
23Cow peaVigna unguiculataPulses / vegetable
24Hyacinth beanLablab purpureusBeans
25Tonka beansDipteryx odorataBeans
26AlfalfaMedicago sativaFlowering plant
27Peanut / GroundnutArachis hypogaeaOil seeds
28SoybeanGlycine maxOil seeds
29Winged beanPsophocarpus TetragonolobusBeans
30Sweet peaLathyrus odoratusPulses
31FenugreekTrigonella foenum-graecumspice
32ShameplantMimosa pudicaPlant
33Lathyrus‎Lathyrus sativus Pulces
34Partridge peaChamaecrista fasciculataPlant
35Rosary peaAbrus precatoriusperennial climber
36Siberian PeashrubCaragana arborescensPeashrub
37TamarindTamarindus indicaSpices
38CarobCeratonia siliquaPods
39Scotch broomCytisus scopariusFlower / Legume
40Black locustRobinia pseudoacaciaDeciduous tree
41Persian silk treeAlbizia julibrissinSilk tree
42LiquoriceGlycyrrhiza glabraFlowering plant
43Bird’s-foot trefoilLotus corniculatusFlowering plant
44RooibosAspalathus linearisHerbal tea
45Royal poincianaDelonix regiaFlowers tree
46Golden chain treeLaburnum anagyriodesFlowers tree
47AcaciaAcacia niloticaTree
48CloverTrifolium hybridumFlower plants
49LupineSundial lupineFlower plants
50WisteriaWisteria sinensisFlower plants

Cucurbits plant (Cucurbitaceae or gourd family)

Cucurbitaceae are also known as Cucurbits. Under this family, most vine crops are grown, with a lot of vegetable and fruit crops. About 95 species have been discovered in this family, which has about 965 species.

S.N.Plant NameBotanical namecategory
1Squash, pumpkinCucurbita spp.edible fruit
2Bitter melonMomordica charantia
3Snake gourdTrichosanthes cucumerinaVegetable
4LuffaLuffa aegyptiaca,
Luffa acutangula
5CucumberCucumis sativusVegetable
Bottle gourd
Lagenaria sicerariaVegetable
7Ivy gourdCoccinia grandisVegetable
8WatermelonCitrullus lanatusFruit
9Pointed gourdTrichosanthes dioica
10MuskmelonCucumis melo
11Spiny gourdMomordica dioicaVegetable
12ChayoteSechium edule
13TindaPraecitrullus fistulosusVegetable
14Horned melonCucumis metuliferus
15ColocynthCitrullus colocynthis
16Maroon cucumberCucumis anguriaVegetable
17Squirting cucumberEcballium elaterium
18Melothria scabraMelothria scabra
19Club gourdTrichosanthes anguina
20MomordicaMomordica spp.Vegetable
21CucumisCucumis spp.Vegetable

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Vegetables of the Solanaceae, or Nightshade, family.

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