Makoy ka Botanical Name (Black nightshade)

The Botanical Name of Makoy

The Makoy plant belongs to the Solanaceae family. Its fruits are small, black, and delicious, as well as having medicinal uses. and its origin, Eurasia

Local name: Makoy, Makoya.

Botanical name: Solanum nigrum

Family: Solanaceae (Potato family)

Solanum nigrum common name in English: black nightshade, common nightshade, garden nightshade, and blackberry nightshade.

Usable plant | Black nightshade edible: Some species of this plant are poisonous, but there are some species that use fruits and green leaves as food items in many parts of the world.


Solanum nigrum medicinal uses: Solanum nigrum is found naturally everywhere during the rainy season. Most people know it as a weed but it is a medicinal plant used for the following diseases: toothache, abdominal pain, tonsillitis, pain, swelling, fever, tumor, inflammation, liver, diuretic, etc.

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