FIG plant ka botanical name । Scientific name of Fig plant

FIG plants botanical name

Fig is a mulberry family plant. And it is an Asian species. Which is known as fig. It is used as a fruit and as such is an important crop in areas where it is grown or cultivated commercially.

Botanical name of fig

Botanical NameFicus carica

Latin name – carica

Family – Moraceae

OriginNorthern Asia

Spread across the Mediterranean region by the Greeks and Romans

Edible Part – Fruit and dried figs.

Plant type – Tree (normally 7 to 10 metre height).

Benefits of fig :

  • Those who are weak and suffering from weakness, they should consume fig regularly. For this, after soaking 3 to 4 dried fig in water, chew it and at it in the morning and drink the water.
  • The use of pig is very beneficial in physical, nervous, and sexual debility. For this, you can take 3 to 4 figs by boiling them in milk at night.
  • Heart patient is also advised to use it with milk.
  • It is also very very official for liver patients.
  • Making a decoction of dried figs and drinking it is also useful for cough.
  • It is also beneficial when used in respiratory diseases.
  • In the swelling and burning of the feet, heating its leaves and compressing them gives relief.
  • It also improve the asymmetry of the menstrual cycle of women by boiling it’s root and fruit then drinking it.

Some question and answer :

Question no. 1 :- How many figs to eat in a day ?

Answer :- Fresh fruit is 2 – 3 and dried fig is 3 – 4 eat daily for best result.

That is, if if we have face fruit available, then we can take 2 – 3 fruit daily. But in case we do not have fresh fruit, we can take 3 – 4 daily for the use of dry fruit.

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