Jatropha tree botanical name | Jatropha curcas

Botanical nameJatropha curcas

Plant Name – Jatropha

FamilyEuphorbiaceae (castor family)

Jatropha is a medicinal plant of the castor family, which is known as a biodiesel plant and its green leaves and seeds used in a variety of diseases, apart from its oil, biodiesel can be made from its oil. But today’s environment is not proving to be favorable for this plant, perhaps, this plant is rarely visible as compared to the last few years. Or there may be a lack of awareness about it in the people. Therefore, we need to take proper steps for the protection of this plant in time, otherwise, we will lose this herb from this earth forever.

Jatropha common name in Hindi

Ratanjot, Ratanjoti, Jangali arandi, Jamalghota, Safed arand.

Jatropha curcas common names English

Jatropha, Physic Nut, Barbados nut, Purging nut, Pulza, Nettlespurge, Bubble bush.

Short description of Jatropha curcas

Climate – Tropical and subtropical.

Plant Habit – Shrub.

Method of propagation – Seed and cutting.

Economic part – Fresh latex and sed.

Sowing time – Favorable conditions or time of sowing Jatropha curcas plants – Feb. to March. and June to July.

Alkaloid / Chemical – Its oil use as Biodiesel.

Medicinal Property – Mouth wash (leaves), seeds make an acro-narcotic poison, active purgative, oil used for skin diseases like eczema, herpes, etc. sores and bleeding wounds, fresh latex applied to piles, scabies, ringworms, and decayed teeth.

Growing state in India – All India.

Native place – Tropical America.

Jatropha seeds price per kg in India

Its seeds are easily sold and bought in India from about Rs 5 to 10 per kg. It is also sold for up to Rs. 50 per kg. But it is not permanent, sometimes work and still costs a lot.

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