The Scientific name and family of Black Turmeric

Scientific name of black turmeric

Plant nameBlack Turmeric

Scientific name – Curcuma caesia

FamilyZingiberaceae (Ginger family)

Native: The native of Curcuma caesia is North East India. Because it is found naturally in abundance in these areas since time immemorial, hence it is called it’s native.

Hindi name: Kaali haldi, Kali haldi. (It is also known as Kali Haldi in Hindi.)

Other names in English: Black zedoary.

Black turmeric is a member of the ginger family known as black zedoary. On the basis of its name, its symptoms are also different from common turmeric, which we can identify from its leaves and tubers. Which common turmeric is full of medicinal properties, similarly this black zedoary is also full of medicinal properties, which people use in the form of other tantra mantras or tricks apart from medicinal uses.

Black zedoary has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times, which is also very effective in many diseases. And the farmers cultivating this turmeric also get a lot of profit because it is sold at a very expensive price.

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