5 scientific names for cereals

5 Scientific names for cereals, which many people ask, which I am going to answer, so there is a lot in cereal crops but I will give the solution of your question only. In this, some common cereal crops (barley, oats, rice, maize, wheat) and their scientific names are presented to you.

In cereal crops, only those crops are taken which are used as cereals and not fruits, flowers, vegetables or pulse crops, and oil crops. That is, grains are always monocots. Which does not directly divide into two parts. Which is processed and used in food items for humans and animals.

5 scientific names for cereals

5 Scientific names for cereals crops :

Here you have been given the scientific names of 5 cereal crops which are as follows:

1BarleyHordeum vulgare
2OatAvena sativa
3RiceOryza sativa
4Maize (Corn)Zea mays
5WheatTriticum aestivum

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