The scientific name of the Sea sponge and its family

Scientific name of Sea sponge

The sea sponge, which is a member of a phylum Porifera, is placed under the Kingdom of Animalia on the basis of its scientific classification, and its scientific name is Porifera. It is also a type of multicellular organism whose body porous. To which the water circulates through them. Which is Mesohail like jelly between the cells of two thin layers.

Scientific NamePorifera


Synonyms of sea spongeBeg, Bum, Scrounge, Blag, Bludge, Bum, Cadge, Freeload, Wheedle,

MeansPore bearing

Some species of sponges

Demosponge sponge

Hexactinellid sponge

Calcareous sponge

Stromatoporoidea sponge

Siliceous sponge

Verongimorpha sponge

Heteractinida sponge

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