Long pepper । Botanical name and family of pipali

Plant name : Long pepper (it is a more useful medicinal plant)

Botanical name : Piper longum

Tip : Botanical name is also called as scientific name.

Family : Piperaceae

Native place : India

Longpepper in hindi – Pipali

Short information of long pepper cultivation

Climate :

The climate required for this crop should be humid tropics with high rainfall.

Habit :

This plant is trailing perennial dioecious herb.

Methods of propagation of long pepper:

To grow this plant, the cutting of its stem (Stem cutting) is used as a seed.

Economic part :

It’s economic part of unripe fruit (female spikes)

Sowing time :

To grow its crop for good yield, its nursery is planted in the month of April to may and it is transplanted from July to August.

Medicinal Properties :

It contains chemical / alkaloid called piperine (about 6%). The use of which crops to be effective for the control of the following diseases: Stimulant, appetizer and general tonic given in bronchial asthmas, insomnia, jaundice and hepatitis.

Major growing states of long pepper :

This plant highly growing state in India – M.H., Assam, Kerela and Karnataka.

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