What is the scientific name of cat and family

The cat is mainly a small carnivorous animal of the tiger family and is very clever. Usually, this animal is domesticated in homes; that is, it is human-friendly but can also be found in wild form.

The scientific name of a cat is: Felis catus

Cat family: Felidae

A male cat is called “Tom” or “Tomcat.”

Female cats are called “Molly.”

A baby cat is called “Kitten.”

Belonging to the Felidae family, many types of species are found all over the world. This animal is clever as well as fast, and it runs at a speed of 48 kilometers per hour.

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Questions and Answers:

Felis catus is the scientific name of which of these animals?

Answer: Felis catus is the scientific name of one of these animals – Cat.

what is the family of the cat?

Answer: Family of Cat – Felidae

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