The scientific name of Pea plant । Botanical name of pea

scientific name of Pea plant

The scientific name of pea plant / Botanical name of pea

Pisum sativum

Family – Fabaceae (also called as Leguminosae family or legum crop)

Note: scientific name of pea is also called the botanical name of a pea.

Common name – matar, batara, guarden pea, green pea,

Edible part – Pod. (Green pod and dry pod)

Native – Eurasia

Botanical name of pea

The Pea plant is a vegetable and pulse crop. Green peas are used as a vegetable and dry peas are used for pulses. It is a seasonal crop. Green peas which are used in vegetables are grown as horticultural crops and dry peas which are used for both pulses and vegetables come under agricultural crops.

For more information on the pea plant, click on this link to Wikipedia.

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