Lal Bhaji Ka botanical and family name | Red amaranth

Plant name: Lal bhaji Botanical name: Amaranthus cruentus Family: Amaranthaceae Lal Bhaji in English: – Red amaranth, Red calico plant, Red spinach. Another common name (In Hindi) – Lal saag, Lal choulai, Tambdi bhaji (Red leaf vegetable), Lal math bhaji. Amaranthus cruentus is a species of flowering plant, used as a leafy vegetable. It is … Read more

Pudina botanical name, class, and order | Mint

Plant name: Pudina (Mint) Botanical name: Mentha spp. Family: Lamiaceae The common species of Mint (Pudina) Mint (Mentha) is a medicinal plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Many varieties are to be found all over the world, and some hybrid varieties have also been made. But only a few of those species are used. Some … Read more

Giloy ka botanical name । Scientific name of giloy

The common name of Giloy English name – Tinospora, Heart-leaved moonseed. Sanskrit name – Guduchi, Amrit, Madhuparni, Amrita. Gujarati name – Galo Marathi name – Gulwel Kannad name – Amritvalli. Guduchi plant is a medicinal herbs. Which, due to its medicinal properties, is beneficial in treating many types of diseases, which have been used in … Read more

What is the Botanical name of Sitafal (Custard apple)?

Name – Sitafal Botanical name – Annona squamosa Family – Annonaceae English Name of Sitafal – Custard apple The common name – Custard apple, Sugar-apple, Cherimoya, Sweetsop, chitafal, sweet apple. Custard apple plant is a fruitful tree of the Annonaceae family, easily grown in a tropical climate, which is laden with fruits with a medium … Read more

What is the Botanical name of Potato?

Common name – “Ground apple”, Tater, Spud, Tuber. Origin / Native – Peru Potato chromosome number – 12 (Tetraploid, 2n = 4x = 48) Edible part – Tuber. Different types of potato names and botanical names Yukon Gold Potato (Solanum tuberosum ‘Yukon Gold’) Vitelotte potato (Solanum tuberosum ‘Vitelotte’) Ratte potato (Solanum tuberosum ‘Ratte’) Bintje potato … Read more

Taro plant | The Botanical name | short information

The common name of taro – Eddo, Dasheen, Godere, Kalo, Elephant-ear, Cocoyam, Madumbe, Colocasia. Taro in Hindi / common name – Arabi, Mankanda, Ghuiyan, Aruj, kochu, kochai, Arvi. Natve of Colocasia esculenta – Eastern Asia The taro plant is a tropical plant of the Araceae family. Which is rich in vegetables as well as amazing medicinal properties, … Read more

Sada suhagan Ka botanical name | Catharanthus roseus

Catharanthus roseus common name English – Bright eyes, Cape periwinkle, Graveyard plant, Madagascar periwinkle, Old maid, Pink periwinkle, Rose periwinkle, Pink Catharanthus roseus, Tiny Periwinkle, Vinca. Common name of Catharanthus roseus in Hindi – Sadabahar, Barahmashi, sadaphuli, sada suhagan, Sadapushpa. Catharanthus roseus is a flowering plant as well as a wonderful medicinal plant. Which is always … Read more

Ramtil (Niger) ka Botanical name and classifications

Niger is a slender, more branching, and yellow-flowered seasonal plant of the Asteraceae family (Flower family) that is grown for its seeds from which oil is extracted, which is very effective. Plant description of Ramtil (Nizer) Plant – Its plant is 4 to 6 feet high, full of subsidiary branches. But in today’s time, its … Read more

Sea cucumber scientific name genus and species

Name – Sea cucumber Sceintific name – Holothuria pardalis Family – Holothuriideae Sea cucumbers are a type of aquatic life or animal found on the seafloor and have a long and single, bronzed gonad. And is a member of the Animalia kingdom and Holothuroideae family. Classification of sea cucumber Kingdom:  Animalia Phylum:  Echinodermata Subphylum:    Echinozoa … Read more

Isabgol (Psyllium husk) – Botanical name & short info.

Plant Name – Isabgol (Psyllium husk). Botanical name – Plantago ovata Family – Plantaginaceae The common name of Psyllium husk – Blond plantain, Blond Plantago, Indian Plantago, Desert Indian wheat, Dietary fiber,  Blond psyllium, Sand Plantain, and Isabel, etc. Meaning of husk – The outer dry layer of nuts, fruits, and seeds, especially the grains, which … Read more

Groww: Stocks and Mutual Fund Is tomato a fruit or vegetable What is the scientific name of mulberry tree? All vegetables name in English Vegetables scientific name and family
Groww: Stocks and Mutual Fund Is tomato a fruit or vegetable What is the scientific name of mulberry tree? All vegetables name in English Vegetables scientific name and family