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Vegetables Name – Explore list of 50+ vegetable names in English

Hello friends! Today I have brought one such topic in front of you related to the name of vegetables (vegetables name). Which is very important in our lifestyle. Various plants are found in the form of vegetables on this planet, which are used by us in the form of vegetables in food items. Therefore, these vegetables play a major role in our food items. Information about the names of those vegetables is given here.

Different vegetables are known by different names depending on their usage like- green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, etc. Apart from this, some fruits, flowers, stems, etc. are also used, whose names are being given further:

Top 60 vegetables name in English:

Here you are being given a list of 60 vegetables. Which is mostly or commonly used by people. In which all types of vegetables, such as fruits, flowers, green leafy vegetables, tuber vegetables, etc. are included.

1. Asparagus

2. Bitter Gourds

3. Broccoli

4. Broccoli rabe

5. Cabbage

6. Calabash

7. Carrot

8. Cassava

9. Cauliflower

10. Chilli

11. Chives

12. Cluster bean

13. Radish

14. Pumpkin

15. Potato

16. Lady Finger

17. Onion

18. Coccinia

19. Taro root

20. Coriander

21. Beans

22. Cowpea

23. Cucumber

24. Curry plant

25. Drumstick

26. Pointed gourd

27. Peanut

28. Pea

29. Parsley

30. Papaya

31. Brinjal

32. Yam

33. Garlic

34. Honeydew

35. Jack fruit

36. Leek

37. Lettuce

38. Lima bean

39. Luffa

40. Mint (Pudina)

41. Kale

42. Beatroot

43. Bell pepper

44. Sweet potato

45. Ginger

46. Celery

47. Bottle gourd

48. Mustard greens

49. Fenugreek

50. Raw Banana

51. Lotus stem

52. Apple Gourd

53. Bamboo shoots

54. Ash Gourd

55. Kidney beans

56. knol-khol

57. Ridge Gourd

58. Sponge Gourd

59. Water Spinach

60. Zucchini

Apart from these vegetables given above, there are many other vegetables, which are used. But these are the vegetables which are used more by the people. Some of them are also used as spices, such as chili, ginger, garlic, etc. Papaya is used for vegetables in raw condition and fruit in ripe condition, and many vegetables are also used for salad – cucumber, zucchini, radish, carrot, etc., and some are processed to make other food items. is done.

Many of these vegetables are such that more than one part is used, such as coral-leaf, fruit, and flower are all used as vegetables.

You can also read “Scientific Name of Vegetables” and also visit Wikipedia for more information

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